Happy Grasshopper

What Is Happy Grasshopper?

Happy Grasshopper is an email marketing service that is simple to use and generates wonderful, fun conversation starting emails. Virtual Results has partnered with Happy Grasshopper to provide Virtual Results clients with a Happy Grasshopper account for up to 200 of your clients. Sign up for your Happy Grasshopper account below!

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Contact Happy Grasshopper Rep, Russell Fama
Hours: 9:00AM – 5:30PM EDT, Monday thru Friday.
Phone: 727-232-9117
Suport: support@happygrasshopper.com

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We are excited to offer you this service. The service is included in your VR membership and is valid for up to 200 contacts. Above 200, you will need to upgrade and there will be an extra monthly fee. Load 200 now, and contact VR if you would like more! To get started, simply Fill out this CRAZY short form and upload your contact list. We will do the rest!!
  • This can be an excel file, a .csv file, a Word Doc, whatever you have.. Heck take a screenshot... just send it to us!!
  • Dont know how to upload a file or having a problem exporting your contacts? Just ask us a question, and we will give you a call! We want this to work for you!


Happy Grasshopper