Getting Started

Thank you for visiting our Getting Started Site. The purpose of this site is to get you familiar and comfortable with your site and the services that come with your Virtual Results account, so you can hit the ground running when your site is launched. The first step is watching the Getting Started video, located below.

STEP ONE: Watch the Getting Started Guide

(pdf version)


Start the Fundamentals Training
This series will give you a basic overview of your site and services, teach you how to maneuver through your dashboard, and show you how to add and modify your content and settings.

Register for the Wired4Success Webinars
Jim Marks has opened up this exclusive webinar series to Virtual Results clients. You will learn the ins and outs of internet marketing and social networking for Real Estate professionals. Visit the Wired For Success Webinar site to register for the next webinar.

View the Altos Research Quick Start Course
Your Virtual Results account comes with an account with Altos Research Market Stats. Learn how to utilize this account here.

Sign Up for Happy Grasshopper Email Marketing Service
Your Virtual Results account comes with an account with Happy Grasshopper Email Marketing. Sign up for the account here.